Why The Zebra Club is For You

  • Our exercises reduce pain, stress and fear of movement
  • Get expert exercise advice and what is right for your body
  • Move safely, effectively and confidently and enjoy regular exercise
  • It is an effective long-term solution to prevent injuries
  • Helps you feel empowered and in control of your body

What's Inside The Zebra Club

  • foundations


    Begin your Zebra Club experience with a set of foundational sessions. You will learn the fundamental techniques essential to continue your journey to moving pain-free.

  • zebrastrong solutions

    Zebrastrong Solutions

    This is the heart of The Zebra Club. Immerse yourself in this thoroughly researched and specifically designed hub of solutions, based on Jeannie's proven method. Enjoy the continuously evolving suite of time and energy friendly programs for all abilities, allowing you to build Zebrastrong habits into your daily routine.

  • resource center

    Resource Center

    Benefit from the quick tips, individual exercises for pain-free living, articles, downloads and information focused on helping your quality of life.

  • community


    As member of The Zebra Club, you will be granted immediate access to our private Facebook community where you can get support and encouragement from other dazzling Zebras. As a member, you can join exclusive online meetings with Jeannie to ask any questions.

Principles of Pain-Free Movement

Based on my approach, when living with conditions of hypermobility and EDS six key principles underlie pain-free movement.



Experience breathing as your most important tool for helping you move correctly.



Integrate relaxation into your movement practice to release stress and tension.



Build awareness and sensory perception when you move.



Stabilize your joints in an effective and functional way.



Challenge balance and awareness in dynamic movement.



Create dynamic posture with stamina for everyday living.

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About Jeannie

I am a Movement Therapist specialized in working with people with hypermobility, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and chronic pain. I have hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and rehabbed my body and mind from chronic pain by developing my own method – the Integral Movement Method. My method has been endorsed by doctors and physiotherapists, and I now share this approach with my clients worldwide. I present for The EDS Society and other international charities. I am also an educator of teachers and therapists in the field of hypermobility. I am the author of two books on movement therapy: Hypermobility Without Tears (2019) and Pilates Without Tears (2016).

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